Reiki is a natural ancestral Japanese method that canalize the energy of the universe in order to feel better.
Calm the mind, relax your body and realise your emotions with a wonderful energy technique of laying on of hands and Japanese symbols.

Session 60 min:  60 €.

Session plus 90 min:
  90 €.

Certificated Reiki Seminars: contact us for different styles and levels.
We carry out theoretical and practical personalized ritual in our center, “Masajes y Reiki de El Born”. Minimum: 2 people, time: 4-6 hs with coffee break
Small groups of up to 5 people, days, flexible schedules to coordinate and discounts for couples, friends or family.

1st Reiki Level:

Initiation to this wonderful natural, ancestral and Japanese system of universal energy transmission to feel better.

Contact us if you are interested in training as a Reikista and taking advantage of this beautiful opportunity to receive a valuable complementary system for your mental, physical and spiritual health that serves to boost your energy or calm you down.  You will assimilate knowledge and application positions through a dynamic and participatory theoretical and practical workshop, where a certificate and personal guide will be delivered.

The most important thing is the ceremony itself, which only a teacher can provide, it is the ritual of opening the channel and tuning in as a reikist of the first level, which will allow you to treat yourself, give reiki to other people, for animals and plants.